This charitydrive is organised by Hypersnap vzw

Hypersnap vzw
KBO: 0790.765.477
Vaartkom 1A0403, 3000 Leuven

General contact: hallo@hypersnap.be
Business relations: meneer@jampersant.be
0485 94 45 36


Terms and conditions

• All donations are voluntary and non-refundable. We will not provide any official invoice for donations made through the website, outside of Belgium. Neither can we provide you with any official document with regards to the donations. 

• Any private data collected while processing your donations will be kept in accordance to European law, no longer then necessary, and up to a maximum of one year past the action. We will not contact you via email for any commercial reasons, nor shall we pass your data onto others, apart from the payment provider and in case we need to contact you with regards to any issues with your donation.

• Each individuel streamer is personally responsible for the content they create on their own channels. Any substantive problems, nor other issues that you might have with the individual streamers, cannot be recovered from vzw Hypersnap, nor the volunteers or organization of "the Warmest Streamers". You can report issues with the content by contacting a "kern"-volunteer in our Discord.

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