All fired up for the underprivileged!

The theme of 'de Warmste Week' for this year is the underprivileged. You wouldn't be surprised to learn that even in our community we've encountered some interesting stories on poverty and the underprivileged, as at least 1 in 8 people in Flanders are born in it.

No worries for children?

Not all of us are as lucky to have a youth without worries. We as streamers know this. Difficult home or school situations, bullying or social pressure... we've all heard stories or have had these situations ourselves.

That's why this year we're trying to work together to create more safe spaces for children, where they can just be a child for a while. Think of things like summer caps, afterschool programs, and maybe even our streams.

What is the Warmest Week?

The money we collect will go to 'the Warmest Week', a yearly charity event organised by VRT, the public broadcaster of the Flemish Community in Belgium. Two of their TV-channels, and two of their Radio-channels are combining efforts for this charity.

All donations will be added to the DWW Funds, where a specialised jury will divide the money over a selected group of projects proposed by organisations who work within the theme. This year we will support projects who create more safety: at home, at school, in their free time and online.

More information can be found on their website. (dutch)

€ 18887! Thanks!