Frequently asked questions

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  • Who or what are the Warmest Streamers?
    There is no real answer to the big who-question... a bunch of streamers of the Flemish Twitch community are collaborating to collect money for a major charity event in Belgium. We don't like to present ourselves as 'one person' of 'one streamer', but rather as a whole, as a group of likeminded people who just want to show that we have a very warm community. For administrative reasons an official organisation "Hypersnap vzw" was started.
  • Can any Flemish streamer join in?
    Yes... but conditions apply.

    As a streamer there are two ways to participate in the fundraiser. Either you can just add the logo to your stream and share the link. On the other hand you are allowed to host your own stream-event. You'll find more information on this page.
  • My streams are in English, is that allowed?
    Of course... we're only using 'Flemish streamers' as a term because our chosen charity is something very Flemish. Therefor our target area is people from Flanders.
  • How can I watch the streams on Twitch?
    For all of our events, we will provide you with a link to the streamers Twitch-page. Click on the link to visit their page, where you will be able to watch the live stream.
  • What payment methods do you provide?
    We are using the payment service provider Mollie to handle all transactions. You can pay using Bancontact, iDeal and PayPal.
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