official event
Spellglitch • sun november 13th
an epic D&D adventure 

On the 13th of November we're doing something completely bonkers: D&D mixed with pure chaos.

Under the watchfull eye of a seasoned DM from the group D&D Gent, our players will enter a mysterious dungeon. Nobody knows quite what to expect from the adventure, but your donations to our charity will impact the players and their story greatly. We're hoping on your contributions, lot's of rolling dice and... a lot of chaos.

HOST: Jampersant
DM: Captn_Asthma
PLAYERS: Nessiru, DikkeSvekke, MrBambi & Faolin 

This will be a DUTCH stream, and will be streamed live on out Twitch Account:

WE'VE COLLECTED 5290 €!Donate now!