official event
B.E.B.O.T.S. • sat november 25th • 5pm
crazy quiz and gamenight,
live from the Red Bull Gaming Hub

Let's do something crazy, weWe doen eens iets zot, zo dachten we bij onszelf, en zo geschiedde een geschift idee om een soort quiz te hosten, maar dan met onze eigen chaotische insteek.

Our hosts Twoosie and DikkeSvekke will guide two teams through quiz questions and mini-games, and the winner walks home with a nice trophy! We went looking for smart students in digital fields for the teams, and six students will represent hogescholen Thomas More (MEB), Howest (DAE) and PXL. All this coming to you live from the Red Bull Gaming Hub. Please note, it is a closed event, so you cannot join us in the hub, but you can join us on our stream of course! And even more, your donations will determine how many minigames we play, and how risky the minigames become. Sound spicy? Nah! this is just the 'Best Epic Battle Of The Streamers/Students'!

This will be a DUTCH stream, and will be streamed live on out Twitch Account:

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