Who are we?

The Warmest Streamers started as a grassroots organisation, formed through conversations between multiple Flemish Twitch streamers who wanted to collaborate to raise money for a major charity event in Belgium.

We don't like to present ourselves as 'one person' of 'one streamer', but rather as a whole, as a group of likeminded people who just want to show that we have a very warm community.

For administrative reasons an official organisation "Hypersnap vzw" (0790.765.477) was started, with Jampersant as president. For all official requests and partnerships you can mail meneer@jampersant.be to discuss it.

Please note: if you are a streamer and want to help out, you can find all info on this website. For further questions and aid, please join the Discord, and don't bother Jampersant.

If you have questions you can join our (dutch) discord: 


Our partners

The Warmest Streamers is made possible with the help of many selfless volunteers, the events organised by some of our Flemish Twitch Communities and the contributions of some structural sponsors. We would like to thank them all very much.

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