Help us fight for the underprivileged! Donate now to the warmest streamers!

Who are the Warmest Streamers? A bunch of streamers of the Flemish Twitch community are collaborating to collect money for a major charity event in Belgium. Together we'll prove how warm our Twitch community can be!

(Donations will start October 31st)

All fired up for the underprivileged

How does this work? 

On the 31st of October we'll open our donationplatform for our charity.

We'll kick things off on the 1st of November with an event on Twitch.

Between 2 and 16 December we'll be joining together in fun community events.

We'll close things off with our festive Closing show on the 17th of  December.


About last year ...
in 2021 we collected 18 600 €

We donated our money
live on DWW Radio:

(dutch content)

Rewatch the entire Closing show
Warmest Streamers 2021:

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Clip compilation
Warmest Streamers 2021:

(dutch content)